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The Original Gospel of Matthew

What It Looked Like Prior to The Greek Traditional Text

The Apostle Matthew wrote his Gospel in Hebrew letters or Hebrew. Perhaps this was really the Aramaic language in Hebrew letters. Of the Hebrew Matthew there is no doubt, although few Christians are aware of this. The original Hebrew version was maintained by a group known as the Ebionites. The Aramaic text in Hebrew lettering was preserved by the Nazarenes. Jerome confirms this latter fact. The Nazarenes also made a Greek translation, but this is not the same as our traditional Greek text. Jerome made a translation into Latin and Greek of the Nazarene version in Hebrew text. However, despite his referring to this translation several times, the Catholic Church failed to preserve Jerome’s two translations. In the two dozen quotes by Jerome himself from his translation of the Hebrew Matthew found in his commentaries, we find the variants are slight yet interesting. Then a Hebrew version of Matthew known as the Shem Tob emerged in the middle-ages, and Professor Howard of Mercer University recently published this edition. It has clues that it traces back to the original true gospel of Matthew. This version ironically was preserved in a Jewish critique of Matthew as an appendix to the critique. It was used to point to flaws in Christianity. Yet, it actually repairs a mis-citation in the Greek version upon which we rely that has Jesus saying the 30 pieces of silver prophecy was in Jeremiah. The Hebrew Matthew which Professor Howard brought to light has Jesus correctly citing Zechariah (which correction to Zechariah also appears in the variants mentioned in the early church from the Hebrew Matthew). Thus, on its face, the version found by Professor Howard was not likely skewed to embarass Christianity. All the differences are relatively minor yet again are interesting. Hence, the Hebrew Matthew is a legitimate alternative source of variants to consider in repairing inadvertent copy/translation errors.


Servetus & Calvin

Was It Murder by Calvin?

The trial of Servetus for alleged verbal crimes ended in October 1553 with a verdict of death. Servetus was burned alive the very next day. The question whether Calvin murdered Servetus as a judicial witness and prosecutor has dogged Calvin ever since.

Ponzi Schemes

History & Legal Issues

How to detect/ prove a Ponzi scheme. How to cope when you are a victim.

American Indian Religion: Parallels to Judaism

Parallels to Jewish beliefs

In the 1600s, missionaries detected similarities in some beliefs of American Indians and the Jewish people. In Chrysostom Verwyst’s book Missionary labors of fathers Marquette, Menard and Allouez, he discusses  that “they observe … some Jewish customs.” He then explains an example: they do not use a knife to cut meats at certain festivals. When […]

Jesus And “This Generation” Controversy

What problems does Jesus' statement 'this generation' pose? What solutions are there?

It is claimed that Jesus’ prophecy that He would return in their generation never happened, proving Jesus is a false prophet. Is this true? The knol canvasses the different views, and concludes that the passage has likely been mistranslated into English, making it appear a contradiction exists. Hence, this claim of a contradiction is an insubstantial one, and thus no basis to discredit Jesus.

Marsilius of Padua: His View on Church Hierarchy

Marsilius of Padua 1275-1342 AD was the first Catholic thinker to deny there is any right to hierarchical authority within the church. Marsilius also contended there was no right within the church to punish heresy. And he said that the church has no right to establish an orthodox viewpoint on any doctrine. None of those powers were delegated by Jesus to the church.

Writings Section of Original Bible of the Jews

This Was Not Accepted as 100% Inspired In Every Word

The canon of the Jews at the time of Christ was divided Torah (5 books of Moses), Prophets (all the prophets), and the Writings. The latter was everything else than Torah (Law) and Prophets. The Writings included such books as Esther, Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, Psalms, Song of Solomon, etc. The Jews of Jesus’ days, except the Pharisees, regarded these Writings as edifying and in some verses inspired. The Pharisees alone believed every word in the Writings section was inspired. The early Christian church knew this distinction, and only a mistranslation of 2 Tim. 3:16 obscured this.

Exercise & Diet: How To Lose Weight

Weblinks and Guides

Ideal Weight First you must determine your ideal weight. Here is a site to check — Ideal Waist & BMI Some say one should keep track of waist size, not weight. Same for BMI. Here is a government site that tells you what is your ideal waist and BMI. Click here. The formula for […]

Healthy Foods & Eating

A Review of Healthy Foods and Levels of Eating

Can eating chocolate improve your health? Cranberry juice? This knol will assist you finding foods that will improve your health. Also, we will discuss the benefits of not eating much food (calorie restriction) and cutting down on salt.


What are they? How to treat?

Shingles This disease is a virus. It is a reawakened form of a chickenpox virus you had as a child. It activates likely due to stress in one band of your body, such as a verterbral area from chest to back.  Symptoms Before a rash is visible, the patient may notice several days to a […]